QuickFlight: More than just a free fall experience!

Since the beginning of time humans have been fascinated with the concept of flight. Whether for exploration, exhilaration or efficiency we have pursued ways to effortlessly move through the air and feel the freedom of flight.

For the past 8 years Head Rush Technologies has been bringing flight to the masses via patented eddy current technology in our jump family of devices. Through the QUICKjump, QuickFlight and FlightLine devices millions around the globe have been able to jump out of their comfort zone and explore the exhilaration of true freefall.

You too can offer this experience. With high throughput and low operational costs for ropes courses, zip line towers, family entertainment centers and more, what’s not to love? Already using a QUICKjump? The QUICKjump product line will only be supported for one more year, making it a great time to save on recertification and consider upgrading to the QuickFlight. Read on for the top 3 benefits that installing a QuickFlight gets you and your facility.

3 Reasons to Install the QuickFlight

1. Redundant webbing system

If you haven’t heard yet, one of the major benefits of the QuickFlight is the dual redundant webbing system on the QuickFlight. One primary webbing is backed up by an unloaded secondary webbing for utmost security. The fact that they are independently replaceable makes maintenance costs lower than any other free fall device out there.

2. Flexible Mounting Options

The QuickFlight is the easiest to install free fall product ever! With a wide range of mounting heights and simple installation it’s never been more straightforward to bring a free fall experience to your facility. Still using a QUICKjump? Hanging a QuickFlight should be plug and play!

3. CE Certification

For the first time ever, our QuickFlight has gone through CE Certification! Since January 2020 all QuickFlights manufactured are certified to EN341 and EN360. While this upgrade has many implications, one of the most important is that you can now climb and descend on the QuickFlight and QuickFlight XL. Read this announcement to learn all about this exciting news and what it means for your facility. If you have a QuickFlight manufactured before January 2020 without the CE mark on it, review this blog or contact Head Rush Technologies to learn how to get the most out of your device.

Curious which specific free fall device will work best at your facility? Check out our selection guide or get in touch with a sales representative to pick out the perfect JUMP product for your business.

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